HealthCast’s EPCS (Electronic Prescription for Controlled Substances) is our two-factor authentication solution that incorporates industry-leading biometrics, as well as both hard and/or soft tokens. It verifies physicians when they place an order for controlled substances electronically; which can be done in their office, anywhere on-site, and even their homes. HealthCast’s EPCS solution incorporates a faster algorithm for authentication, and offers multi-layer, triple encryption to bring you the most accurate and secure biometric solution available today. Workflows are integrated directly with the EHR system for a seamless end-user, non-intrusive experience.

Our EPCS solution can be run with our eXactACCESS single sign-on solution, or as a stand-alone solution. It fully complies with DEA two-factor requirements, it’s verified by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), and is the highest independently tested solution. Fingerprints are ready in only 1-2 seconds, and our EPCS security prevents fraudulent capture of fingerprint data. Soft-token authentication can also be added for remote users to offer true two-factor authentication as well. Our EPCS solution is also extremely flexible, since our plug-and-play supports virtually all fingerprint readers from every major manufacturer. Strengthen security compliance, boost productivity, and increase user convenience with HealthCast’s innovative EPCS solution.

Fast, Secure and DEA-Compliant!


HealthCast’s EPCS solution incorporates industry-leading FIPS/NIST-approved biometrics, soft tokens and/or hard tokens. It quickly verifies physicians when placing an order for controlled substances, whether they are onsite or in their office. It has a faster algorithm for authentication and stronger security features than other biometric solutions available today, and is fully DEA-compliant. It’s multi-layer, triple encryption prevents fraudulent capture of fingerprint data, and soft token authentication can be added for true two-factor authentication for remote users as well. Our EPCS solution is extremely flexible and supports most fingerprint readers.