HealthCast’s award-winning eXactACCESS (‘XA’) is an enhanced single sign-on (‘SSO’) and clinical workflow solution that automates fast and secure access to patient information. XA’s stateless architecture supports speed and scalability, while keeping patient information secure. With XA, clinicians gain efficient workflow and more time to spend with their patients. XA can be deployed with proximity badge technology to easily tap-in, tap-out, and tap-over unique user sessions. Clinicians typically enter their password once per day, and then use their proximity badges to quickly log on and off, and even tap-over another user’s session securely to access their own physical or virtual desktop session.  IT departments also gain efficiencies such as fewer calls to the Help Desk regarding lost or forgotten passwords, and less likelihood of server overload.

Leveraging each customers existing infrastructure, XA does not need proprietary appliances that hospital resources must learn to manage.  XA’s application integration connectors both initiate and manage user interactions with applications, and XA has a 100% success rate of application integration. With XA’s newest feature, SNAP APP Integration, roughly 80% of all Windows and Web based applications are automatically integrated within a matter of seconds rather than hours by customer resources without requiring training on profilers or wizards. Secondary authentications within applications can be automated, as well as user self-service password changes. XA also audits a number of user and device interactions to enable more informed decisions regarding user-device utilization; application utilization, authentication choices, etc. It ‘links live’ to Active Directory, offers multi-factor authentication including an optional PIN, and a uniform look and feel across different devices and environments. Our EPCS solution can also be deployed with XA, or as a stand-alone solution. HealthCast’s EPCS incorporates the most accurate and secure biometrics to allow physicians to write prescriptions for controlled substances electronically, conveniently from their office, anywhere on-site, and even their homes.


SNAP APP Integration, is a revolutionary innovation that’s transforming what organizations expect from their SSO providers.

With SNAP APP Integration, roughly 80% of Windows and Web based application are automatically integrated in a matter of seconds, rather than hours or days. Simply drag and drop applications into your XA Administrator program (included in the XA client), and those applications are instantaneously integrated into XA.

With SNAP APP Integration, the costs of application integration connectors for many applications and long training courses are a thing of the past. Also, thanks to SNAP APP functionality and connectors from HealthCast, the time and stress associated with maintaining your own integration is no longer required. IT staff members can now SSO-enable applications requested by specialty departments quickly and cost effectively to support efficient workflow; even for small groups of clinicians. With SNAP APP Integration, the much of the time and cost associated with integrating your applications onto a single platform is gone. To see how it works for both Windows and Web integration, click the video link below:

Windows       Web  


A Web Based Reporting Tool.

HealthCast’s SSO AUDIT MONITOR solution is a web-based reporting tool that tracks device and application utilization, as well as user authentication compliance and behaviors. SSO Audit Monitor enables IT and authorized clinical decision makers and managers to quickly and easily run reports on information collected by eXactACCESS audit server, with no database experience required. These reports can easily be exported to Excel for manipulation and analysis, enabling decision makers to make more informed decisions. SSO Audit Monitor is HIPAA-compliant, and offers a variety of benefits regarding behavioral analyses, data security analyses, and device/application utilization analyses.



HealthCast's market-leading solutions awards and recognition.


2017 KLAS - Category Leader


2014 KLAS - Category Leader


2012 Windows Embedded Partner
Excellence Award for Intelligent Solutions


2011 KLAS - Category Leader


“We’re seeing an increase in the use of mobile devices.
With an intelligent system anchored by Microsoft technology,
people can use multiple types of devices and still have the same user experience and quick, secure access to patient information.”

Paul Jriyasetapong
Project Manager, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital


HealthCast Delivers SSO for Citrix® environments

Providing leading healthcare SSO solutions for over twelve years, HealthCast’s solutions include compiled code application connectors and stateless clients to use fewer Citrix server resources than others, eliminating server overload and downtime.


SSO for Epic®

eXactACCESS offers exceptional functionality and superior services to Epic users. Check out our mini ebook to learn about the unique features Epic users experience with HealthCast’s solutions..



As an industry leader with more than 20 year of experience in the healthcare industry, HealthCast, offers top-ranked solutions for the MEDITECH Community. .


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