boonya systems

“The biggest risk I noticed when I would walk through a clinic was open computers. It’s difficult for people to remember to lock their screens. Thanks to HealthCast and QwickACCESS this has become an issue of the past, just today I walked down an exam lane hall and all of the computers were locked and secure. I feel like QwickACCES has helped make compliance simple."


Boonya Systems provides HIPAA-compliant IT Solutions to a variety of small and medium sized businesses in healthcare. More specifically, a portion of their work involves Dental and Eye clinics. Boonya Systems was established in 2012 with the goal of providing exceptional service and support paired with HIPAA compliance. They take the burden of managing technology and compliance so healthcare organizations can focus on continuing to provide excellent service and high-quality care.

One of the challenges Boonya ran in to while offering their services was HIPAA compliance with Dental and Eye practices. They found that a majority of their clients were using a single, shared login between all of their employees in exam rooms and operating rooms. A single login was simple and efficient, but not HIPAA-compliant. Recognizing the problem and coming up with an efficient, HIPAA-compliant solution was tricky, especially since having staff login in with their own unique logins would become a hassle due to the time and costs associated with changing the process. That’s when Boonya discovered HealthCast Inc.


Thanks to HealthCast Inc., Boonya Systems was able to meet their goal of developing an efficient, HIPAA-compliant solution by implementing Boonya Card Access using HealthCast’s QwickACCESS software. With Boonya Card Access, employees are now able to enjoy the benefits of proximity badge sign-on. Staff signs in with their usernames and passwords typically once per day, then use their proximity badges to tap-in, tap-out, and tap-over the rest of the day. Boonya Card Access has strengthened security and HIPAA compliance, increased productivity of staff, and removed unnecessary challenges in their clients IT departments. Nichole Dimick, an Optician at Yankee Eye Clinic says “It’s faster and allows me to pick-up right where I left off. Saves me upwards to an hour per day just by not having to type in my password every time.”


Boonya decided to work with HealthCast after Mike Krause, Vice President of Boonya Systems, expressed the complexity of their organizations environment. Boonya realized HealthCast’s willingness to work with their clients, even if that means developing custom-tailored software to meet a client’s needs; and that went a long way for Mike at Boonya. He says “I feel like the software is very simple to use and works very well. I also think it’s nice that we can go to you guys with ideas for enhancements and you are already aware of those things or willing to listen to the feedback.” Thanks to HealthCast Inc., Boonya Systems is providing their clients with the means to do their job more efficiently, while strengthening security and meeting HIPAA-compliance.