“Our Operators wouldn’t use our computers
and ERP System until we installed QwickACCESS"

  Lead IT Administrator


A well-known North American leader in Fabrication recently deployed QwickACCESS with its unique proximity badge functionality to provide fast, easy, and secure computer access to their SAP system. Prior to implementing QwickACCESS, data was entered onto paper forms by operators on the floor during the course of their shift. Those forms were collected, reviewed, and approved by a supervisor, and the data was then entered into the SAP system.


With QwickACCESS deployed across the manufacturing environment, operators simply tap their badge at the beginning of a shift to login. They need only to type in their password at that initial login to access their unique Windows session, then click the SAP icon to launch SAP, and their SAP session remains active during their entire shift. Each time they are finished accessing the SAP application, they simply “tap-out” to secure their session. When they need to re-access their SAP session, they simply “tap-in” again, and are brought back to their SAP session in seconds as they had previously left it.


Operators now enter data real time directly into the SAP system running on PC’s provided on mobile carts out on the floor. This has eliminated the need for supervisors to review data on paper at the end of a shift, and then enter the data into SAP. We are now leveraging the efficiencies of the SAP system, while improving the productivity of our operators and supervisors on the floor. And, from an IT administrator’s perspective, QwickACCESS is extremely simple to deploy and to manage. Scalability was also an important part of our decision to purchase QwickACCESS as we are now going to roll out this solution to the rest of our facilities.