right Patient Identification

Accurate patient identification improves patient safety, security, data integrity, and prompt payment while reducing medical record mix-ups, fraud, and human error.

It is also JCAHO's number one goal for patient safety for 2018. As part of our ongoing commitment to health care provider organizations, HealthCast's Secure Patient Identification solution is designed to reduce overlays, medical fraud, and duplicate medical records; preventing patient mis-identification and increasing the quality of care while decreasing the costs of providing care and receiving payment for care.


Iris recognition and Photo Technology are combined to offer the most accurate and secure combination to identify patients, reducing costly overlays and ensuring patients are receiving the right quality care. Our solution is also contact-less, which eliminates the need to constantly clean the equipment, reducing the chances of spreading bacteria and strengthening patient safety.

Cost Management

Inaccurate patient identification can lead to overlays, medical errors, duplicate medical records, medical fraud, etc., all costly mistakes that can threaten patient safety. Our patient identification solution drastically reduces mistakes associated with patient identification, saving organizations money while improving quality of care.

data integrity

Accurate patient information is critical for patient safety and reduces the number of costly errors for organizations. With Iris and Facial recognition utilizing a one to many algorithm and not requiring a date of birth, our solution accurately identifies patients and ensures clinicians that they have the right patient and the information they have on that patient is also accurate and consistent.


Unlike palm/vein scanners, CORRECT PATIENT accurately identifies everyone 1 year and older.


CORRECT PATIENT accurately identifies patients and integrates those photos directly into EMR's.


CORRECT PATIENT is contact-less. Patients are not required to touch a device.

patient identification

The Smart App has the power to turn any smartphone or tablet into a powerful patient recognition device. It can be used as a multi-factor authentication tool along with another form of identification or act as a standalone patient ID device. Recognize patients anywhere, anytime, with any smart device. Securely capture and share clinical images. ID unconscious or non-responsive patients. Verify patients prior to medical procedures.

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