has become essential

Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions are designed to speed up and streamline access to EMR's and applications in the healthcare industry. By eliminating the need to manually enter passwords multiple times throughout the day into all individual applications, clinicians gain a significant amount of time to spend on other priorities. SSO solutions also provide strengthened desktop security and help organizations meet the demanding requirements of HIPAA regulations. Having become an essential tool in the industry today, it's important to understand what a SSO solution can do for your organization.


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Strengthen cybersecurity
in your healthcare organization

It's commonly accepted that it's nearly impossible to be 100% protected from security breaches in any organization, but taking a few simple steps is a great start. It immediately reduces the threat of anyone accessing private patient information that could be exploited for financial reasons, or that could be used to threaten the health and well-being of your patients and staff. This blog post identifies why cybercriminals target the healthcare industry specifically, and identifies quick and easy steps any organization can take to strengthen their defense against cybersecurity attacks.


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Biometric Patient ID
Patient misidentification-
what is it costing you?

Accurate patient identification has been an ongoing battle in the healthcare industry for years. Every healthcare organization has fallen victim to overlays, duplicate medical records, medical errors, denied claims, etc. due to inaccurate patient identification. Not only do patient identification errors lead to costly financial implications for hospitals, they also threaten patient safety and might even result in a patient death. It’s important for healthcare organizations to understand what patient misidentification leads to, and what they can do to strengthen patient safety and reduce those crippling financial costs.


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Biometric Patient ID
blockchain 101-
what exactly is blockchain?

Blockchain is a buzz word that has gained a lot of traction in the healthcare industry lately, but what exactly is it? It’s praised for potentially introducing a new age of security, confidentiality, and availability; but what exactly does it do? The short answer is it’s a shared, distributed system that records and stores transaction records in a digital ledger. The long answer is much more complicated than that. Blockchain technology has a huge potential to change the way future technologies are designed and managed, but industries shouldn’t expect too much until the majority of people understand exactly what it does.


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