Delhaize le lion/de leeuw belgium

Delhaize Le Lion/De Leeuw Belgium is part of the Ahold Delhaize Group, and they are a leading food retailer with stores located in the United States, Belgium, and Southeastern Europe. Ahold Delhaize is committed to offering their customers a locally differentiated shopping experience, and do so by offering superior value and maintaining high standards.


Ahold Delhaize deploys computers in each store for their employees to use, so they can look up information about products, inventory, etc. However, one of the challenges Ahold Delhaize was facing was customers were able to access those computers and use them for personal reasons, which was a big security concern. Ahold Delhaize wanted only their employees to be able to utilize the computers, and wanted a simple way of allowing them to do so. They also wanted to eliminate the login step to increase efficiency and productivity, and HealthCast had the perfect solution.


QwickACCESS (QA) was deployed in 130 Delhaize Le Lion/De Leeuw stores, with two computers in each store. QwickACCESS proximity badge technology allows users to easily login and logout with the simple tap of a badge. It also allows users to ‘tap-over’ another users session, while securing the old session so the user doesn’t lose any progress or information. QwickACCESS works on a physical desktop or VDI (such as VMware® View, Citrix® XenApp® or XenDesktop®, or Microsoft® RDS).


Ahold Delhaize immediately saw improvements in security and productivity. Customers were no longer able to access in-store computers, and employees can quickly and easily login and logout in a matter of one or two seconds. After a quick registration of the proximity card, employees were able to access all the information they needed without having to type in login credentials multiple times throughout the day.