Lazydays RV

““Our technicians love QwickACCESS . When you’re logging in twenty, thirty, forty times a day that’s a meaningful time savings. And by tapping their badge when they walk away, they’re securing their workstation automatically, which makes compliance with our security policies much simpler.”

IT Manager, Infrastructure and Operations
Lazydays RV



Lazydays RV, “The RV Authority”, with locations in Tampa and Tucson is one
of the largest RV dealerships in the nation.

The 220 bay service department in Tampa was faced with the challenge of how to securely speed up the process of their technicians logging into and out of shared computers; which can be over thirty times per day. Prior to deploying QwickACCESS, Lazydays RV service technicians manually typed passwords each time they needed to enter data into a customer service ticket. At each login, users access their own unique, virtual desktop session which was taking over a minute before, equating to a substantial amount of lost revenue per shift.


To solve this issue, Lazydays RV deployed the QwickACCESS to a virtual desktop system. With the simple tap of a proximity badge, technicians, managers and other authorized staff can instantly log into and out of their virtual desktop sessions and secure confidential data in seconds. When a user has completed their task, they simply “tap” their badge on an RFIDeas reader to lock their session. The workstation is secure, yet ready to quickly reconnect to the user’s desktop in just seconds.


QwickACCESS is now deployed across both Lazydays RV locations. Users simply “tap” their proximity badge on the RFIDeas reader connected to the computer and access their unique virtual desktop in just seconds, quickly returning to their customer ticket or other work. “The service organization is integral to our company and is always very busy. There is seldom if ever any downtime and every second counts. Before we deployed the QwickACCESS system, it took our technicians over a minute every time they needed to log in to manage a ticket. Now they just tap their badge.”