yankee eyecare

“HealthCast’sQwickACCESS provides improved security and HIPAA-compliance for Eye Clinics. Works really quite well, received very well from the patients. They say they appreciate that the clinic goes the extra mile to safeguard their personal health information. It’s really nice being able to just go from room to room and login with the tap of a badge.”

Dr. Rob Hegerman
Yankee Eye Clinic


HealthCast’s QwickACCESS® is an award-winning proximity badge sign-on solution that provides quick and secure access to published, virtual, and local desktops. It’s supported on Microsoft® Windows®, Google Chrome OS™, Dell Wyse® ThinOS, and HP® Thin Pro; as well as virtual desktops (such as VMware® View, Citrix® XenAPP® or XenDesktop®, Microsoft® RDC). Originally developed for the mission critical needs of doctors and nurses, it’s designed to improve user convenience, streamline workflow, and strengthen compliance with privacy and security regulations. It’s one of the many reasons HealthCast received #1 Single Sign-On in KLAS Research for 2017.


QwickACCESS utilizes proximity badge technology to allow users to tap-in, tap-out, and tap-over another user’s session, while securely logging the old user out and saving their progress. Users typically type in their usernames and passwords once per day, then use QA technology to log in and out with the simple tap of a proximity badge. With QA, organizations can strengthen their security and HIPAA-compliance, reduce stress on the IT department, and boost productivity of its staff. It supports user compliance with organization policies to lock user’s sessions for data privacy (e.g. HIPAA, PCI), by saving a user’s session before securely logging them out if they forget to do so.


Yankee Eye Clinic is one organization that is reaping the benefits of Boonya Card Access, powered by QwickACCESS software. They were using a single, shared login with their staff for exam and operating rooms; which made things easy, but not HIPAA-compliant. Thanks to HealthCast’s QA solution, all of their users are now conveniently logging in with their own unique ID, and they’ve also strengthened their security and HIPAA-compliance. The IT department and help desk have also seen improvement in productivity since QA has reduced the number of password related calls and issues. Yankee Eye Clinic staff has also seen a significant increase in productivity, allowing them to focus more attention on important matter.